Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. Nathaniel Hawthorn

Time Moves So Fast, You Can’t Stop It, But You Can Pause for a Moment!


Time is so valuable! As each day speeds by, and night begins to fall, we wonder where did the hours go?

If we track our time, as most of us live by the clock, you’ll find time consuming, medial tasks that can be delegated to an assistant and allow you more flexibility in your daily schedules.

Life passes us by so quickly that within a blink, we realize years have passed and we have missed so much! Free some of your valuable time for yourself, your family, and your passions!

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Truth from the Heart – Chris Nicholas captures the essence of that which must not be named by society, sadly it exist.

I recently celebrated my fourth anniversary of blogging here at The Renegade Press. As with the three anniversaries prior to this one, the moment was a bitter-sweet affair of pride and introspection. Blogging has become a passion, and a source of endless pleasure that I approach with great reverence as I attempt to pour my […]

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